Wine after bedtime?

Posted On: Thursday 24th of January 2013 ; Read: 813 time(s)

In recent years my vow on New Years Day has been to take better care of myself more and create some more ‘me’ time,  so 24 days in I’m feeling quite pleased with myself.  I’ve eaten much less junk and rubbish, I’ve started Bootcamp which is as hard as it sounds but gives you such a buzz afterwards that it’s slightly addictive and I’ve lost half a stone , whoop whoop!

I’ve also given up my glass of wine after bedtime, the children’s not mine, drinking wine in bed was way back in my hedonistic youth.  But it has got me thinking about what that glass of wine was all about – why did I feel the need to have a glass most nights ?   

Here are my answers – do they resonate with any of you?

  • I deserve it, I mean legging it around after two young children and working full time is hard work right?
  • It’s a treat – see above, I need one after the hectic day
  • It’s only one glass it doesn’t matter
  • It’s relaxing
  • It makes me switch off

You can see a theme emerging here I think .....that I felt the need to give myself and my brain a physical signal to switch off and stop for the day,  after over 3 weeks without a glass I think I’ve broken the habit but now seem to be drinking loads of slimline tonic instead , not quite as relaxing!

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