which style mum are you

Posted On: Thursday 2nd of December 2010 ; Read: 851 time(s)

Here at Ruby and Ginger we love people watching or parent watching to be more precise.  That’s how we come up with some of our best ideas!  What we’ve noticed is that there are at least 3 styles of mums and we think our fabrics might represent these different style…..what do you think?  Which style are you?

Funky Flower….says down to earth…happy and gorgeous in her jeans and Ugg boots kinda mum!  Think Zoe Ball

 Wallpaper….is for the mum who loves shoes and wears big sun glasses….flamboyant and beautifully presented.  Think Holly Willoughby

Berries….is for the girl who grew up to become the mum who likes a bit of pink in her life!  Think Tess Daly

Which style mum are you?


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