Travelling Long Haul with the Terrible Two’s!

Posted On: Monday 29th of April 2013 ; Read: 3568 time(s)
Travelling Long Haul with the Terrible Two’s!

9hours 10 minutes! Are you mad, I could hear my friends cry? Yes very possibly!

I’m a grown woman with a 2yr old daughter and a 5yr old son, yet the thought of a 9 hour flight with my very feisty 2yr old is enough to turn me into a nervous wreck!

I approached our ‘holiday of a lifetime’ to Florida with much dread and a good helping of stress.

How do I keep my 2yr old entertained, happy and quiet (for the sake of the other passengers) on a long haul flight?!

After much research and soul searching, I came up with the

idea of my magic bag of tricks.

I researched my airline and purchased the largest sized hand luggage I could find. I love my practical but stylish Jasper Conran at Tripp bag. This bag can hold a surprisingly large amount of items!

Here are my tried and tested tips for travelling with young children:

In my Cabin Luggage I packed:

  • Change of clothes
    • X2 spare outfits - A full change of clothing for my daughter (I placed the full out fit in a clear sealed bag so it was easy to access)
    • Spare underpants and a t-shirt for my son, you just never know!
  • Medical Kit
    • I placed all of my essential mini sized medicines in a clear plastic zip bag, items such as Calpol, Nurofen, teething gel, kids plasters and Carvol.
    • Carvol is great for putting on your children’s top just before take-off. The carvol helps to open up your children’s airways and can help with the ear pressure in the cabin.
  • Ruby and GINGER Nappy Purse and Travel Change Mat
    • Complete with wipes and a good handful of nappy sacks (these are very handy for more than just soiled nappies)
    • Airplane toilets are not the most hygienic of places so packing my own clean travel change mat was a must for the changing unit, I also stored antibacterial hand gel in my nappy purse for mine and my daughters hands
    • I stored my Nappy Purse in the seat back compartment to save getting up and down every 2 minutes for nappy changing or hand gel requirements, it’s the perfect size for this (also great to hand to my husband when it was his turn for nappy changing!)
    • The Nappy Purse is ideal for travelling light whilst on holiday.
  • Snack, snacks and more snacks!
    • Take a good selection of different snacks, as eating is a great pass time for little ones. A selection of their favourite snacks as well as things you wouldn’t normally let them eat! I placed my snacks in TumTumTots snack pots. These are perfect for travel; once they are empty they stack inside each other taking up less space!
    • Lollipops for sucking, again a great way to deal with the take-off and landing pressure
  • Entertainment
    • Sticker books and more sticker books, both children love sticker books and they are good clean fun and easy to pack!
    • Colouring books, washable markers and crayons, because you can guarantee that either you or your child will end up wearing the markers
    • Snap cards (even if they can’t play snap) they are a good distraction looking at the pictures and saying what you see
    • Buy a magazine of their choice in the airport, it’s something they haven’t seen before and will hopefully grab their attention
    • Favourite Teddy, a must especially if you are trying to get them to nap on the plane!  I also packed my Ruby and GINGER Toy Tie to ensure I didn’t lose the favourite teddy. It’s also a great way to keep dummies safe and free from falling on the floor. You can attach the Toy Tie to anything, from your pram in the airport to the seatbelt on the airplane. Again very handy once you get to your destination.
    • Pack spare dummies too if your child uses them  
    • Making/craft kits, my best distraction so far. You can purchase foam face masks from most craft stores, they are easily decorated by small children and do not require any glue. Great fun decorating and hours of fun playing with after!

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