Taking baby home from hospital

Posted On: Sunday 2nd of January 2011 ; Read: 1002 time(s)
Taking baby home from hospital

Taking my baby home from hospital is a memory I treasure….I remember myself and my husband looking behind us at the normally empty back seat and there it was….a car seat with a baby in it…our baby!  and we were going to drive off with that baby, forever committed to loving and taking care of him.

We’ve done that a second time since then but the first is the one I remember most.  We had Noah (aka Ginger) bundled up in a snowsuit that was almost impossible to get on him to start with….his little face buried in a mass of fabric….then we had blankets tucked around him afraid a gust of wind would catch us out!  If I knew then what I know now or rather if I had then what I have now there would be far less fretting!

Our cosy car seat cover will protect baby head to toe from all elements.  So if like me you want a practical alternative to the snowsuit take a look at our cosy car seat cover…and pass on the word!

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