Still loving the nappy wallet

Posted On: Friday 1st of April 2011 ; Read: 2200 time(s)

One year ago Ruby and GINGER launched the original nappy purse or the nappy wallet as it has sometimes been called. The nappy wallet was originally designed by Liz, a busy mum who is always on the go! She wanted a small neat nappy carrier that would fit inside her many gorgeous handbags so that nappies would be kept clean and at hand. Liz wanted a nappy carrier that would also have sufficient space for a travel change mat, baby wipes and nappy sacks. In other words all nappy changing essentials. Voila!! the nappy wallet is born! Not content to design the product she then decided that to make this gorgeous nappy purse even more stylish we should design the cotton that they would be made from! So there you have it the original nappy purse was launched. One year later and you mums are still loving your nappy wallet and even more of you are converted to the convenience of this nappy carrier! We love to hear your comments so don’t be shy…if you have a Ruby and GINGER nappy wallet tell us what you think!
Not content to rest on our laurels we will be adding to our range of stylish fabrics so watch this page/space!

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