Royal Baby ... Only 6 Weeks to Go!!

Posted On: Thursday 30th of May 2013 ; Read: 3202 time(s)
Royal Baby ... Only 6 Weeks to Go!!

6 Weeks to Go!!                

The birth of the new Royal baby is almost upon us. Will Kate Middleton be sporting any of our Ruby and GINGER products? We think the Cosy Car Seat Cover would be perfect for the royal baby! Not only keeping the little one super safe and warm whilst travelling in the car; it’s also fantastic for shielding the new baby from the paparazzi......!!!!

We think the Nappy Purse and Change Mat is ideal for those frantic royal moments, instead of rooting through a huge changing bag, Kate can quickly access all she needs with our neat compact Nappy Purse. And with Carole about to move in what a perfect way for Kate to quickly transfer all those baby essentials over to Grandma!!

We all know what a nightmare it is losing baby’s favourite toy or teddy but does Kate? Our fantastic Toy Tie will keep The Duchess from worrying about losing the little prince or princess’s most cherished possession. With our simple secure design Kate could take out the royal jewels without fear!!

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