Resolutions ..part 2

Posted On: Monday 9th of January 2012 ; Read: 849 time(s)

So my first resolution was to blog more – managing to keep that one up – does 2 in a week count as blogging regularly? 

But another of my resolutions was to devote a bit more time and effort to myself – given that some days I don’t even brush my hair I came at this resolution with the attitude that even a few minutes a day is better than the current position so how hard can it be to acheive….

As someone who only wears make up if they are going on a ‘big night out’ or to a wedding, and insists to the hairdresser that I have to have a hairstyle that does not require any brushes to dry it, you get the picture,  make up and look glam are rally not a big part of my life and never have been ! 

But 9 days into the new year and I am making progress – today I actually wore make just to go to work – a real novelty – Brenda did wonder if I was going somewhere special though! 

I even went to the make up counter and bought new make up at weekend too – last time I bought new foundation was for my wedding 5 years ago!   I felt like a 13 year old when the Clarins lady was asking me what I liked – “errr , not sure, don’t do make up” was my slightly kevin the teenager reply but do you know what … I’m liking it – not just the finished made up face (which as I head nearer 40 probably needed some help) but the fact that for 10 mins in the morning I spend time on me, just me and that is a good thing too.

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