Mum2Mum Scheme

Posted On: Tuesday 11th of February 2014 ; Read: 1280 time(s)

Have you been stopped and asked where you got your Ruby and GINGER products? If you are happy to spread the word, then we want to say thank you.  Tell a friend...tell a stranger and if they go on to buy something you could earn points on our Ruby and GINGER Mum 2 Mum scheme.

How it works                                                                                                                                                   

  • Register your interest with us
  • We will take some details and create a unique code
  • This code will be printed on a small card that we ask you to hand out whenever asked
  • The card will offer free shipping for the purchaser if this unique code is used
  • For every purchase that uses your code you earn points
  • Allow the points to build up and come back to spend them on whenever you wish
  • If you are interested please email:

or if you would prefer to do it through your blog we can send you an image with  your unique code on that you can add to your site and earn points every time some one makes a purchase using your code.

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