Jeremy Vine discusses ginger hair

Posted On: Tuesday 11th of September 2012 ; Read: 989 time(s)

Yesterday, as is usual in the Ruby and GINGER office we are all working away listening to Radio 2.  Jeremy Vine was discussing whether or not it is discriminatory to refer to someone’s red or ginger hair.  And this got me thinking and to be honest a little worried about my son, Noah.  He is 4, has ginger hair, is full of self-confidence and has just started school.  He loves cars, trains and his micro scooter but he certainly does not think about his hair.  So what if he starts to become conscious of the fact that his hair is a point of difference?  What if his friends start to tease him for it?  Will he start to resent his gorgeous red hair?

I’m Irish and there are more red haired people in Ireland and certainly there are not as many derogatory terms for people with red hair.

So what will I do now and in the future to protect my little ‘ginger nut’?

Maybe I should chat to him about different people and how some have different coloured hair, eyes, some are taller and some fatter and some are even born in different countries.  Maybe I’ll tell him than I think being different is better than okay it’s interesting!

Maybe like Samson his strength lies in his hair!

Have a listen @ 1:37:52

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