Have Baby Will Travel

Posted On: Tuesday 19th of April 2011 ; Read: 973 time(s)

How times have changed from my mums time of bringing up a family. Nowadays parents and their children are very much involved in commumities and are encouraged to get out and join in. So the products we use have changed to incorporate this. Our gorgeously simple nappy wallet with the matching travel change mat is a product for a mum or dad who likes to get out and about. Its such a compact and practical nappy carrier, with enough room for 3 nappies, baby wipes and nappy sacks. The nappy purse or nappy wallet will then fit neatly and compactly into most handbags or if you prefer the handle can be looped over the pram or pushchair handle. The travel change mat is simple…it doesn’t do any super duper tricks…it just provides you with a clean place to change baby and keep their little bum off any unwanted nasties!

Children love to get out and sometimes want to take favourite teddy with them! If you don’t want to risk a lost toy then our toy tie is all you will need to secure toys or dummies to the stroller. Not all dummy clips are are flexible as the Ruby and GINGER Toy Tie which with velcro on both ends allows you to create a loop of the required size and the other end around the bar of the pushchair.

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