Happy Birthday to us! Some of the highlights so far

Posted On: Friday 8th of February 2013 ; Read: 1466 time(s)

This week it is three years since we launched the Ruby and GINGER website and what a journey it has been so far so here are just a few of the highlights, there have been lots along the way but these jump out

  • Tess Daly featuring us in her style column one week after we launched – we were so so chuffed – until we realised they had put the wrong web site address, but hey we were still in there

  • Taking a stand at the NCT Conference in Telford - we decided it would be a good idea to spend a full weekend on a stand showing the NCT world what we had to offer not really understanding how hard it would be to stand and chat for 2 days solid with a 12 week old in tow – it was so worth it - the response to the products , fabric and brand was amazing, people just got the idea behind the Nappy Purse and Toy Tie (that was all we did then) and we walked away on cloud 9 feeling that we were meant to make this business happen!


  • Dannii Minogue featuring us in her book ‘My Style’  and calling our nappy purse ‘A little piece of portable genius’  - this was quite funny as we had no idea we were being included until we got an tweet asking ‘Are you the Ruby and GINGER in Dannii’s new book?’  - I flipping hope so I thought and stood in WHSmiths at 9.01 the next morning crying tears of pride as I saw us in there!


  • The Nursery Industry Awards – last November we were nominated in the ‘Best Changing Brand’ category and to our complete delight we were awarded the Highly Commended award, which really meant we came second, little us beating some long established ‘big names’  – but again tears were rolling down Brenda and I’s faces at the awards dinner, so so proud of what we had managed to achieve and to celebrate it with whole of our team alongside our friends from Poconido, The Friendly Party Bag Co and Natures Purest – it was a night to remember

And last well it has to be Dragons Den, sometimes I think back and wonder what on earth made us do that, the scariest presentation EVER, I have flashbacks of the adrenalin kicking in as we walked up those stairs – but, wow what a life changer it has been – the confidence and experience we have gained from doing the show and working with our Dragon Norah Casey cannot be measured - a massive highlight indeed, ihere's our post pitch reactions :)


And that’s just a few of the biggies, there’s also all the little things that running your own business can bring – the fact that Ruby aspires to come and work at Ruby and GINGER, that I have no regrets about leaving the corporate world – just less money.That my Mum goes up to people with babies and tells them about our company, that I’ve learnt so much along the way but mainly that we’ve given it a go and have so much more still to give.



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