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Posted On: Monday 18th of April 2011 ; Read: 928 time(s)

Liz’s mum found this write up on Play Pennies for our Cosy Car Seat Cover while perusing the internet. is one of those great blogs that searches out products with affordable price tags attached! Sarah, the author totally gets the benefit of this product. It is exactly as she says a great way to protect baby head to toe, protection from the cold….from the wind (which takes their breath away)…and even from the sun (I used it all summer too and found it also kept little Sam cool in his car seat…bit mad but it does!)
just a few of my favourite quotes….

“It’s genius, in my opinion, and solves the snowsuit, flappy blanket problem”

“It has a 3 tog rating so you won’t need to dress your baby up like a mini Scott of the Anatarctic to take them out”

“put this Ruby and Ginger cosy car seat cover on your ‘MUST HAVE’ list; trust me, it’ll be worth it’s weight in gold”

For Sarah’s full and frank review see link below

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