Fake Children's Car Seats - Warning!

Posted On: Thursday 20th of June 2013 ; Read: 4319 time(s)

Fake Car Seats Warning

Times are hard for many families and we all have to make savings where we can.  I suppose it’s a sign of the times that ill intending opportunists would use this to their advantage and try to profit where others are trying to do their best.

I can only too clearly imagine the scenario whereby a parent researches the benefits and various options when it comes to buying their child’s car seat.  Now we live in a time of tech savvy people (not me particularly…I’m rubbish and would gladly go back to the days where we visited a store…spoke to a knowledgeable sales assistant…handed over cash….you get the picture!)…. oh yes back to the  tech savvy people who then search the World Wide Web for just such an item at the best price.  Of course there are loads of really good reputable online stores like the fantastic Kiddicare and Mothercare who stock a full range of car seats and all this comes with the knowledge that you are buying from the best.  But there will be some people who perhaps for price or just unwittingly purchase from what can only be called a con artist!

On Monday evening I caught the tail end of a report on Fake Britain BBC1 that reported the dangers of buying fake car seats.  I was genuinely shocked at the results of a simulated crash test with one of these fake car seats.

If you missed it check out the link below and jump to 22.49 and spread the word.


For further information and expert advice about Car Seat Safety visit http://www.childseatsafetyplace.co.uk/


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