• So why is our Car Seat Cover really a Winter 'must have' - it's all about safety!

    Car Seat Safety with Winter Clothing - why our Cosy Car Seat Cover is a safe option [...]
    Posted On: Thursday 22nd of November 2012 ; Read: 11415 time(s)
  • Jeremy Vine discusses ginger hair

    Jeremy Vine discusses whether insulting someone because of their ginger hair is the same level of prejudice as insulting someone because of their skin colour. [...]
    Posted On: Tuesday 11th of September 2012 ; Read: 1021 time(s)
  • Bad planning….kind of

    Bad planning….kind of

    Whilst we made no specific plans of when to try and have our children by fortune of fate they were both born in January- 2 years and 8 days apart thus meaning that 3 weeks after Christmas the presents and party chaos happens all over again in this house. [...]
    Posted On: Thursday 19th of January 2012 ; Read: 1046 time(s)
  • Resolutions ..part 2

    So my first resolution was to blog more – managing to keep that one up – does 2 in a week count as blogging regularly? [...]
    Posted On: Monday 9th of January 2012 ; Read: 862 time(s)
  • 2012 the year of the blog and so much more beside

    Before I really begin Happy New Year! Sooooo….. it has to be said that this poor Ruby and GINGER blog has been more than neglected the past year, it has practically been disowned. [...]
    Posted On: Friday 6th of January 2012 ; Read: 848 time(s)
  • Have Baby Will Travel

    How times have changed from my mums time of bringing up a family. Nowadays parents and their children are very much involved in commumities and are encouraged to get out and join in. So the products we use have changed to incorporate this. Our gorgeously [...]
    Posted On: Tuesday 19th of April 2011 ; Read: 986 time(s)
  • For Pennywise Parents

    Liz’s mum found this write up on Play Pennies for our Cosy Car Seat Cover while perusing the internet. is one of those great blogs that searches out products with affordable price tags attached! Sarah, the author totally gets the ben [...]
    Posted On: Monday 18th of April 2011 ; Read: 951 time(s)
  • Still loving the nappy wallet

    One year ago Ruby and GINGER launched the original nappy purse or the nappy wallet as it has sometimes been called [...]
    Posted On: Friday 1st of April 2011 ; Read: 2240 time(s)
  • Peter Cross advises Ruby and Ginger

    I find inspiration in many people and in all sorts of things. Music, Art or Film can inspire great thoughts in people….a lecture can inspire…and so it was for me when I attended a lecture at Leeds University Business School. [...]
    Posted On: Sunday 30th of January 2011 ; Read: 1072 time(s)
  • Resolutions for the new year

    I don’t normally make new year resolutions (it saves the disappointment of not keeping them) but this year I will…. [...]
    Posted On: Tuesday 4th of January 2011 ; Read: 804 time(s)