Car Seat Cover for Baby - Must have baby gift at only £30

Posted On: Tuesday 24th of June 2014 ; Read: 1192 time(s)

Our Cosy Car Seat Covers are proving to be a 'must have' baby gift over the past few months.  It's so fabulous  to hear the feedback from Mums who have been using the Covers that they love them and now buying them as gifts for their friends.  A practical yet safe way to keep baby warm in their car seats it seems that more and more parents are becoming aware of the dangers of wearing bulky clothing under the car seat safety harnes so use our safety tested cover as a practical solution.

Even in the current sunny weather the Cosy Car Seat Cover for baby is still proving popular for those chilly mornings and cooler evenings as well as people preparing for their autumn arrivals.  It's so rewarding for us here at Ruby and GINGER to hear every bit of feedback and spot them out and about  - it still makes us giddy!



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