Car Safety Week 27th Jan - 2nd Feb

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It’s Car Safety week, a week’s campaign designed to highlight safety solutions available to drivers everywhere in order to protect themselves, their car and their passengers. Car Safety Week is featuring heavily on Winter Safety, a subject very close to us here at Ruby and GINGER.

As parents, we take in car safety very seriously. We are aware that parents could be jeopardising their baby’s safety in the winter months. Whilst there is a wealth of advice, help and support on offer to ensure parents buy and fit the right car seat for their children, what happens once they drive away with the new car seat in place is a different matter.

According to research* 40% of car seat safety harnesses in the UK are used incorrectly – with incorrect harness tension being the most common error.

This issue can be seen more commonly from Autumn through to Spring with babies and children being bundled into bulky coats and snowsuits to keep them warm BUT most parents are not aware that car seat manufacturers and car seat safety advisors recommend that parents DO NOT place babies in bulky clothing in their car seats.

 Many parents purchase sleeping bag type devices to keep their babies warm in the car seat.  These products are UNSAFE, since they have a layer between the child and the car seat, a layer that will add too much slack into the harness straps and prevent the car seat from allowing the child to come to a gentle stop in a crash.  Many of these products also have a second problem - the strap slots on the product do not line up with the strap slots on the car seat.  This causes the car seat straps to not fit the baby’s shoulders correctly, and could lead to the baby coming out of the seat during a crash!

Ruby and GINGER are committed to educating parents on the importance of harness safety tension and how to offer babies maximum protection. Ruby and GINGER are currently the only UK company to offer a solution that takes into account the manufacturers recommendation of correct harness safety tension and the need to keep babies warm. We have designed a practical and safe solution to this issue – Ruby and GINGER’s Cosy Car Seat Cover.

To ensure maximum protection for your baby, dress your baby in thin, tight layers.  For example, put on a vest, a long sleeved onesie, a thin sweater or jumper.  Put a hat on the baby's head.  Put the baby in the car seat and strap them in properly, making sure you pull up on the shoulder straps to get all the slack out of the legs/stomach area. The straps should be so tight that you can fit only one finger between the baby's body and the straps. Once the baby is securely in the car seat, simply pull the Ruby and GINGER Cosy Car Seat Cover over the car seat. The Cosy Cover:

  • Allows correct harness tension and maximum protection by removing the need for a bulky coat or snowsuit
  • The 3+ tog rated elasticated ‘shower cap style’ cover keeps babies warm whilst removing the risk of overheating
  • Universal fit on rear facing car seats
  • Easily fitted and removed in seconds without disturbing baby
  • Tested and Approved to European ECE R44/04 standard.


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