2013...the year of the Blog..honest!

Posted On: Tuesday 8th of January 2013 ; Read: 931 time(s)

I know I know, I said this at the beginning of last year that my resolution was going to be to make something of the Ruby and GINGER blog but as ever time has passed me by and 'Write a blog' just kept just looking at me from the bottom of the To Do list but never getting crossed off.  So this year it WILL change and I will make time to blog, not particularly so that loads of people can read it but so that I can write it.

I like writing, I enjoy it but more importantly I want to record the things that have happened, to me, to my family and to Ruby and GINGER as the journey so far has been crazy, brilliant but crazy and I look forward to looking back in ten years time and reliving the journey.  So if I don't blog please fee free to nudge me!

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