2012 the year of the blog and so much more beside

Posted On: Friday 6th of January 2012 ; Read: 832 time(s)

Before I really begin Happy New Year!
Sooooo….. it has to be said that this poor Ruby and GINGER blog has been more than neglected the past year, it has practically been disowned.
So one of my resolutions is to write more on here, as to be honest I like blogging, tweeting and facebooking; it makes me feel like we actually get to know people who follow us , like us and all that jazz  are actually interested in R&G and us as people too.

Don’t get me wrong I am conscious I’ve never actually met most of these people but what I really like about social media (and I do love some forms more than others) is the randomness of it – talking to people, who you would never have crossed paths with in real life about stuff that sometimes you may not even talk to a ‘real life’ friend about – but somehow it seems ok because the person on the other keyboard gets you about that moment, about that thing. It can be life, work, happy, sad and often in my case nonsense; it can even lead to amazing real life things (thinking here the coming about of Cheese Club aka @homage2fromage but that story is a whole blog in it’s own right!)

But I like it so this is the year that I am vowing to share more than 140 characters on a regular basis, let you know a bit more about how things are progressing here at R&G HQ, about us, about things we love and what we think, hopefully some of you might be interested in reading what we have to say but if not I get to spend a few minutes getting it all down and that has got to be good for the soul …here’s to 2012 the year of the blog

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